Monday, 9 July 2012

$20 Makeup Challenge!!!

Hi guys, currently I am in France!! But I uploaded my new video '$20 Makeup Challenge' and I wanted to do a more in-depth review on the products I bought for the video!
I wasn't expecting these products to be the best things out there but thought some of them would be OK. I was pleased with some of them and not with others!

 This is the blush i got and it was quite cheap £3.09 and I actually really like this blush! the color is so nice and I wasn't expecting it to be that pigmented and when applied with a brush you can see the two tones in it really well and it turns out so pretty. I don't like the packaging on it however, the lid just pushes down over it and doesn't screw on so if you were travelling with this and it cracked it would likely spill over everything!

 This lipgloss is another product that i really enjoy, it's such a nice color and smells really nice, it's very pigmented and the packaging is nice enough aswell! And it was only £2.99!! The downside of this lipgloss is that it's a little sticky and your hair can get stuck in it sometimes. 

 Thought that this eyeshadow trio was ok, not amazing but ok. The color pay off was good in the darkest shade and in the highlight shade but the all over the lid colour wasn't the greatest. This was the most expensive product and was £6.49

 I did not like this mascara, it did nothing to my lashes apart from darken them, but it didn't add volume or length, I wasn't expecting it to be amazing either because it was only £1.99. It's very basic and would be handy if you were on holiday and lost your makeup bag and needed to get something cheap just for the time being? 
Didn't really like this foundation either.. the coverage was light-medium if not just light. It definitely doesn't last up to 14 hours either and was just too sheer, but perfect if you don't like wearing heavy foundation and wan't something to reduce redness and uneven skin tone maybe? This was only £3.99